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Far Infrared Heating

What is Far Infrared?

You have heard of infrared - it is what your remote control uses to change your TV channel, but do you know how can it heat up your house and save you money on your energy bills?

Conventional heaters work by warming the air and creating air currents to circulate that warm air around the room. Infrared heating uses a new technology to heat your home more efficiently and cost effectively by heating up the objects in the room.

The reason we feel warmth from the sun on a cold day is that the infrared light the sun generates warms any objects it hits – even on the coldest of days. Infrared heating systems work by firing these same infrared beams around your room. Each beam bounces around all the objects in the room gently heating them as they go, until all their energy has been used up.

Infrared heating can help eliminate the mould growth, cold spots and dust circulation conventional heating promotes. The heat generated by infrared heating is clean, dry and non-stuffy – and can save you up to 60% on your average heating bill. Because Infrared heaters warm solid objects with a thermal capacity, it is the solid objects that retain the heat, keeping even drafty rooms warm.

Infrared heaters not only look sleek and attractive but they can be placed anywhere in a room, including high up on walls

Energy Saving and Cost Effective

Because Infrared heating works by heating up the surfaces in your room rather than the air like conventional heating methods, they don’t need to work as hard to achieve the same results.

Electric infrared panels only take around 30 seconds to reach their full operating temperature which makes them much more efficient at heating a room than conventional heaters. Also, instead of heating up the air in the room, Infrared heaters heat up the objects and walls of your home which have a higher ability to retain the heat. This means that even if a door is opened or a room is drafty the heat will not escape as with hot air solutions. You won’t need to keep reheating the room for it to feel warm.

The technology of Infrared heaters allows you to fully zone your property. Each panel can be switched on and controlled individually giving you full control of which rooms you want heated, by how much and when.

In the long term, because Infrared heating systems contain no moving parts - no complicated electric or plumbing work - there is very little that can go wrong with them. This reduces the need for any maintenance or customer returns on the grounds of a parts failure.

Energy saved, time saved, money saved.


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